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eNewsletters & Email Marketing

E-mail marketing is not dead – and likely never will be.

Simply because it works.

Staying in front of your customers and prospects on a regular basis is one of the most important things you can do to increase your business. By being visible and keeping in touch with potential customers, you’ll be right there in their inbox when they need your services.

Email is the best way to remain visible to clients.

Through regularly scheduled e-newsletters or email drip campaigns, you can increase your marketing touches and appropriately target the information you send. e-Newsletters are a cost-effective way to contact your customers on a monthly basis.

Before you make a sale, you’ll need to interact with a prospect anywhere from 7 to 18 times. Email is a perfect marketing tool to use when you need to build trust and nurture your leads.

The quality of the information you share is important to your prospects’ long term decision-making. They need to know your solution will answer their problem – that you are trustworthy, and that you can and will deliver on your promise.

LM Group writes email campaigns and eNewsletters to educate and excite your audience.

We’ve written educational fundraising email campaigns that have resulted in increased donor giving year after year. Monthly e-newsletters for a financial advisor have resulted in increased customer calls, referrals and dollars invested.

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