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Content Marketing

Content marketing rules the web – the go-to place to engage with your customers. If you want to attract more prospects to your website and reach for the top of the Google search results, you need to continuously deliver fresh content to your website.

But that content needs to be quality content – not poorly-written or irrelevant material that can hurt your customer engagement or your search engine rankings.

It can take your business anywhere from 7 to 18 marketing touches to make a sale. You know you need content to deliver the next step in the lead nurture process – whether it means a brochure, blog post, landing page, case study, email campaign, video or other content tool.

Custom Copy for Content Marketing
LM Group provides custom-written corporate blog, social media, case studies, email, newsletters, data sheets, brochures, podcasts and video content for B2B clients.

Working seamlessly with your existing SEO, website management and general marketing efforts, LM Group helps you increase your visibility and customer appeal with customized, prospect-focused content for your blog, website and social media needs.

Do you have a complex product or service that needs to be translated into plain speech for potential customers?
We’ll make sure that your audience understands the benefits you offer. We specialize in turning life science and manufacturing knowledge into copy that purchasing decision-makers can easily understand.

Call 610.504.0008 or email us today to learn how we can build lasting relationships with your customers and prospects with a well-designed online marketing strategy.

Corporate Marketing and Communication Support
Bring a new level of productivity to your marketing communications department. We provide your corporate marketing and communications department with a fresh perspective and the assistance needed to expand your ability to deliver more projects on time and within budget.

We write what your marketing and product departments don’t have time to write – marcom and collateral materials, corporate training materials, as well as reference guides.

Internal communications are just as important as external communications and we can help you communicate with your employees like never before. They’ll ‘get’ what you have to say, and know what they need to do with the information. Contact us when you need a copywriter to supplement your in-house efforts.

Let’s discuss your project in detail.
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