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What’s the Best Time to Send Email?

Email marketing is a great way for companies of all sizes to reach customers and prospects. Despite all claims to the contrary, email marketing is still alive and doing just fine! After getting your customers to open your email, your click-through and conversion rates...

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Are You ‘Squeezing’ Customers to Landing Pages?

  When most business owners think about web pages, they usually think of their website pages. You know – Home, About, Services, etc. But there are other kinds of web pages floating around out there on the web that are just as important (and in some cases, I would...

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4 Lessons Learned in B2B Social Media

I work with solopreneurs as well as multi-national Fortune 500 firms. Small business owners tend to have this impression (it’s actually almost a complex!) that larger companies have secret social media knowledge and that they’re killing it online. Here’s a little...

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Are You Missing From Linkedin Search Results?

I recently spoke at the DxMA Global Marketing Summit in Philadelphia on the subject ofLinkedin profile optimization. The plain and simple truth about Linkedin: if your profile isn’t optimized, you’re losing visibility for yourself or for your brand. Should you care?...

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Slipping Off the Blogging Path

  Ok. So I slipped off the blogging path and haven't walked my talk since December.* And it wasn't even particularly icy out this winter! I can start by blaming the kids for bringing home a terrible bug and passing it along to good ole Auntie. And then – well –...

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30 Days Left to Plan Your 2013 Business Growth!

  We have a few holidays to get through and then – BAM! –2013 will be upon us. That means now is the time to think about what next year holds – or should hold - for your business. Every November, repeat clients as well as new faces begin filling my email inbox...

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Smile! Your Sales are on The Line

Likeability is all over the headlines: 'Candidates Take Likability Hit After Debates,' 'Candidates Strive For Likeability,' 'How Romney and Obama Fare On Likeability.' But likeability means much more to business owners than which candidate you might want to have a...

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How Do You Make Your Business Likable?

  Let me first say that nothing will make you or your business likable if you are not already a likeable person or if you do not truly care enough about others to serve them and help make their lives easier, better, richer, etc. As I said in my last post – we can...

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