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For Agenices & Web Designers

Content Help for Marketing Firms &
Web Designers

Whether you’re a marketing company or a web designer, one of your largest challenges is copy. Good copy. Copy that makes readers take notice of your client’s offerings – and act.

For marketing firms, content drives marketing initiatives – both digital and print – and you need a never-ending supply for your business clients. For web designers, content is what holds websites back from implementation. LM Group provides custom copy for marketing agencies and website designers. We take away the hassle of custom content creation and give your organization new value-add services.

For Marketing Companies

Whether you want to build out your content service offerings or supplement what your in-house staff can handle, LM Group can help.

We produce custom website, email, blog and social media content for a number of marketing firms and their clients located around the globe.

Creating enough content for your clients can be a big challenge for your marketing firm. We are frequently approached by marketing companies in need of content writing talent.

In some cases, a marketing company may have a B2B client wanting to re-do their website content so it captures their unique differentiators, and shares how they help solve their customer’s problems. In other cases, a marketing firm may not offer B2B social media and blogging services and needs us to provide blogs and social media management for their clients.

Another challenge your firm may encounter is a knowledge base gap. Your client’s product or service may be technical, scientific or perhaps subject to regulatory oversight. You and your in-house staff don’t have time to become an authority on their technology.

But we do. That’s what we do. We specialize in the life sciences and manufacturing industries.

Whether it’s 500 words explaining peptide segmenting techniques, website and brochure copy for specialized industrial manufacturing equipment, or a pharmaceutical manufacturer’s post on drug anti-counterfeiting technologies, we develop content based on the organization’s products and solutions, its buyers’ personas, their market and – most especially – their intended audience’s wants and needs.

We have worked with clients in a wide range of industries, including:



  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Medical Centers
  • Medical Supply Companies
  • Health & Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Life Sciences

  • Medical Device Companies
  • Pharmaceutical and Biopharma Contract Manufacturers
  • Equipment & Instrumentation Manufacturers


  • Plastic Injection Molding Machine Manufacturers
  • Industrial Controls & Instrumentation

B2B Service Providers

  • Marketing Firms
  • Promotional Products
  • Data Management

B2C Service Providers

  • Educational Institutions
  • Retail Stores
  • Landscapers
  • Financial Advisors

Professional Services

  • Accountants
  • Legal Firms

We deliver easy-to-implement social media packages, and custom researched & written blog and website content for your clients.

Total Flexibility Working with Marketing Companies
Some marketing firms choose to ‘brand’ us as part of their team and have us interact directly with their clients. In other cases, we are brought in as an outside consultant. Sometimes marketing companies opt to keep us in the shadows. We are comfortable working in many different ways (and in a range of capacities) with agencies – and we’ve been doing it successfully for years.

Contact us to learn how we can help increase your branded service offerings – without increasing your headcount or infrastructure needs. We offer the following fully-customizable services:

– Social media and blog content
– Social media profile building, posting and management services
– Website, landing page and microsite content
– Marketing copy for brochures, e-newsletters, e-mail campaigns, direct mail and case studies
– Social media assessments
– Website content audits
– Editing & proofreading services
– General marketing, website and social media consulting

For Web Designers & Web Developers

What is the one thing that holds projects up and limits your productivity (and revenue)? It keeps website projects in “development hell” – stuck on the project list indefinitely. Website content.

As a website designer you hear it all the time, “No, we don’t have the copy yet.” Or, “Can’t you just use the old content?” And of course the copy isn’t optimized for search or it doesn’t fit the new navigation decisions. Most of the time, it doesn’t deliver the right message for your client’s customers. So you wait.

We both know that it’s more than likely your client doesn’t understand what web copy should do or how to create it. And they keep spinning their wheels instead of giving you what you need.

Web Copy Delivered
We can help you give your clients a website that gets results. We’ll step in and write targeted, search optimized web copy.

We’re happy to work under your website design company banner as part of your “team,” or you can present us as a professional partner. Either way, we’ll talk to your client, learn about their business and its solutions, their clients’ needs and we’ll create engaging website content that you need to get the job done.

We take away the frustration of unfinished website projects.
Give LM Group a call or contact us here to see how we can help you make your clients happy.