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About LM Group

Helping You Find Your Voice

Marketers market.

Writers write.

Marketing writers write for your market.

A digital marketing writer can change your game.

You know your website, print and video materials need to communicate a strong, clear message targeted to your audience. But you may not have the time or staffing resources to devote to creating or improving your marketing communications.

So how do you communicate your message? Hiring a full-service agency may be more than you need, but a part-time copywriter doesn’t have the focus or expertise necessary for your project, and your employees don’t have the writing skills you know you need. That’s where we come in.

LM Group is a content copywriting & B2B social media management firm that helps manufacturing and life science companies expand brand awareness and increase leads with targeted digital content.

We’ll communicate your message – in your voice.

You need to connect with your customers and increase visibility and sales in a world full of noise. Thousands of messages touch your customers each day. You need to stand out – and you need to do it with a minimum of time and effort.

We are professional writers and lifelong marketers.
We’ll write content that answers your audience’s questions, solves their problems and converts them into leads – and customers. We’ll get up to speed on your business quickly and provide you with on-target communications – within budget.

We meet deadlines. Period.

We are:

– Content writers who believe that the key to your success lies in understanding your audience and their motivations

– Online marketing professionals who understand how to use digital media such as email marketing & social media along with your website to reach customers and drive sales

– Web writers who give your business a voice that speaks to the needs of your customers. We write content to connect with your customers, increase visibility and build sales. We create content for your website, marketing materials and videos to get customers through your door.

– Marketing writers who understand the FDA’s regulatory communications requirements and have the ability to translate science into layman’s terms and video scripts.

We provide the ideas, the communication tools and the content you need to get your marketing efforts on track and working for you.

LM Group is a content writing and social media company with clients in the U.S., U.K., Germany and India. We specialize in website copywriting, social media content creation and management, blog writing, content marketing, as well as traditional and e-marketing materials.

What types of copy projects have we worked on?

We’ve been in this business a while, so we’ve worked on everything from print to digital. Most of what we do these days is web-based content for websites, email marketing, corporate blogging and social media management. We love diving into new projects!

– Website Content
– Newsletters & eNewsletters
– Social Media Strategy, Content & Management
– Corporate Blogs
– Technical Communications
– Email Marketing Campaigns
– Video Scripts
– Marketing Brochures
– Sales Collateral
– Direct Mail
– Training Materials
– Proposal Writing

Let us implement your content marketing program.

We’ll help you solve your resource gap and expand your brand awareness. Call 610.504.0008 or email us today to learn how we can help you build lasting relationships with your customers and prospects with well-designed inbound marketing content.