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2017 Social Media Trends

I think I’ve finally recovered from the non-stop action of the Social Media Marketing World conference. But the learning hasn’t stopped – with many more sessions from the conference to review. (I have to say it was nice to escape the 13 inches of eastern Pennsylvanian...

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Is Blogging Effective for a B2B Company?

Is Blogging Over? Or Are We Just Bored with the Word “Blog”?   “We don’t need to blog. No one reads them anymore. Do they?” I almost fell off of my chair. The next question was: “Do we have to use the word “blog”? Can’t we call it something else? Surprisingly...

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Do You Know Who Your Customers Are?

Are you frustrated with your marketing efforts because your business isn’t gaining any traction? There may be many reasons for that, but sometimes it is simply because you don’t know who your customers are.  Good marketing starts with speaking directly to your...

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What’s the Best Time to Send Email?

Email marketing is a great way for companies of all sizes to reach customers and prospects. Despite all claims to the contrary, email marketing is still alive and doing just fine! After getting your customers to open your email, your click-through and conversion rates...

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Are You ‘Squeezing’ Customers to Landing Pages?

  When most business owners think about web pages, they usually think of their website pages. You know – Home, About, Services, etc. But there are other kinds of web pages floating around out there on the web that are just as important (and in some cases, I would...

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4 Lessons Learned in B2B Social Media

I work with solopreneurs as well as multi-national Fortune 500 firms. Small business owners tend to have this impression (it’s actually almost a complex!) that larger companies have secret social media knowledge and that they’re killing it online. Here’s a little...

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Are You Missing From Linkedin Search Results?

I recently spoke at the DxMA Global Marketing Summit in Philadelphia on the subject ofLinkedin profile optimization. The plain and simple truth about Linkedin: if your profile isn’t optimized, you’re losing visibility for yourself or for your brand. Should you care?...

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